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Archive for July, 2013

The following link presents an excellent article called “The LIE of Tithing”, which is actually chapter 16 from a book called “The Great Dream”, published by I have not read the entire book as of yet (and therefore cannot comment as to whether or not I agree with the whole), however, this refutation of the doctrine of monetary tithing is excellent!

To read the article from the author’s website, click this link.

by Jack Helser

jesus-facepalm I recently found myself looking at the institutional church in terms of overhead, and what the end product is for the majority of people. There is a sense in which the church exists to deliver the message, which in the institutional church is typically a 20-minute sermon on Sunday morning. For the vast majority of the congregation, the sermon is the product they take home. For those whose only church involvement is in the capacity of a listener on Sundays, everything other than the sermon is overhead. For giggles I examined the topic of dedicated giving using a typical church as an example.

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