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This page presents links to articles/ebooks that I (or close friends) have written personally on the subject of Christian giving and/or the examination of the tithe.  I pray this information will encourage, inspire and challenge you.  My opinions on this matter are strongly and centrally based in Scripture and are the result of sincere convictions due to long periods of personal study and the walking out of my relationship with the Lord; however, I always invite readers to search out the Scriptures for themselves, seek the Lord for His guidance and follow your conscience on the matter.

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Tithing Study – This page, authored by David Yeubanks, features an examination of the common church practice of tithing money to a church organization in comparison with the biblical, New Covenant example of grace giving (both of which stand in opposition to the Old Testament commandment to tithe on the increase of the seed of the ground and of livestock). The “article” features a lengthy list of over 180 quotations from 100 respected sources on the subject – to illustrate that, among most seminary professors, theologians, Bible commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and also historical documents from the first few centuries of the early Church, tithing is NOT the biblical method that governed giving practices of the early Church.


I compiled this list as I began to study tithing for myself early on.  Many of the resources in this list were ones actually recommended by the church I attended and the Bible school I graduated from; though I sincerely doubt that either of them had any idea how boldly so many of these resources speak against monetary tithing as a requirement for believers in Christ or at the very least admit that the Bible does not teach it!  When I first presented my findings to the leadership of the church organization I was attending, the reaction was silence.  The very resources I was originally told to trust on Biblical studies were suddenly ignored and I was instructed to comply with church doctrine or be removed from any and all forms of ministry in the organization!  This only revealed to me that correct doctrine isn’t really the primary interest among most leaders who teach tithing; Rather it is the concern they have that the money will not come in if the doctrine is not upheld.  These men and women in church leadership seem to fear for their jobs more than they appear to be concerned about preaching what is true.  I do not say this with anger.  I know this will be a tough truth to consider for many who take an honest look at the subject, but I pray each will have the courage to embrace the truth and count the cost.  God is well-able to care for those who walk in His ways.  But if a minister is not able to trust this, then I must ask whether that “minister” is worth following anyway, and furthermore, what is a minister who is not actually willing to minister except if it profit him/her financially?  Is that so-called “minister” not a hireling?  This subject indeed has the potential to expose motives and bring to surface a lot of things.  I think this is positive!  When is God’s Truth ever a bad idea to seek out and follow?


Hopefully this “study” will give the reader an healthy introduction to the reality that tithing actually is NOT a popular doctrine among the most trusted theologians and scholars of Scripture.  Some of the well known sources who oppose tithing include: Spiros Zodhiates, Richard Lenski, David Wilkerson, Charles R. Swindoll, Martin Luther, F. F. Bruce, Walter Elwell, J. Vernon McGee, Charles C. Ryrie, John MacArthur, Watchman Nee, Bruce Metzger, Dwight L. Moody, Merrill Unger, Craig Blomberg, Geoffrey W. Bromiley, Lewis Sperry Chafer; James Darby, Alfred Edersheim, Everett F. Harrison, Carl F. Henry, and many others! Even the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association admits that tithing is not a clear New Testament doctrine and the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability), of which Billy Graham’s ministry is also a member of (along with over 1,100 other charitable, religious, missionary, social, and educational organizations), suggests that tithing is not an adequate example to pattern Christian giving after! You’ll be amazed to find how many encyclopedic, commentary and dictionary resources also chronicle a much different history of tithing than what most churches today teach. Some of these sources include: The Encyclopedia Americana, The Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia Online, Wycliffe Bible Dictionary of Theology, Easton’s Bible Dictionary, Hasting’s Dictionary of the Apostolic Church, Baker Theological Dictionary of the Bible, The Believer’s Bible Commentary, People’s New Testament Commentary, The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, and others. In the opinion of this author, monetary tithing is not only a false doctrine, but it is harmful and spiritually unprofitable for the Church because it locks it into principles which have not been given or blessed by the Holy Spirit. This article and list of resource quotes is an eye opener. May God take us beyond merely calculating percentages to giving from a heart captivated by the love of Christ and motivated by the prompting of the Spirit as Scripture clearly teaches. This is a large web page, over 400k in size, so it may take several seconds (up to a minute or two) to load it completely.  If you’re interested there is also a PDF version available for download.

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