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Should The Church Teach Tithing?


by Russell Earl Kelly, PhD. – It is no coincidence that I am placing this book at the top of the list for recommended tithe-research resources. Russell’s book is simply the textbook of textbooks on the subject.  Following a thorough examination of literally EVERY biblical text on tithing, Dr. Kelly concludes that the church would be best served spiritually by believing and applying better New Testament principles of giving. After discussing sound biblical reasons for Christians to replace tithing, he presents God’s better principles of grace. Doctrines such as the New Testament concept of law and covenant and the priesthood of believers are presented as they affect tithing. Following several chapters that discuss disputed texts relating to pastoral support, this book traces the early development of church support as found in the Church Fathers before Nicea. This book leaves no question or objection about tithing unanswered and gives some very clear, biblical encouragement towards the kind of liberty and and release of the Spirit in our gatherings that may transpire when we embrace the Lord’s New Covenant way of giving. Russell’s book is a “must read” for any serious Bible student. Highly, highly, highly recommended! On a scale of 1 to 10 this book is an 11!





Eating Sacred Cows


by Graeme Carlé.  One of the best concise publications explaining the biblical tithe in very easy to understand language.  Find out why tithing really has no place amongst Christians today and has been completely misrepresented by the bulk of mainstream organized religion!  Graeme emphasizes the organic quality of the Church and I love the way this book brings out a better understanding of the Old Testament tithe and shows that, in reality, it was essentially a three to five week holiday intended for THE TITHER HIMSELF and his family to enjoy.  Graeme will effectively show how the modern doctrine of tithing is so far removed from what Scripture so basically and clearly presents that you will shake your head and wonder how on earth things got so twisted up as they are in most church organizations today! This book is truly unique among the many other books available concerning this subject and it can easily be read in one setting!

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Tithing: Low-Realm, Obsolete & Defunct


by Matthew E. Narramore – A while back I was introduced to this great book by Matt Narramore through one of the Yahoo groups I subscribe to. Rather than going into great detail concerning the Old Covenant practice, Matt takes a simpler, focused approach to the subject of tithing by examining it primarily in light of the New Covenant. The book is for sale through most online booksellers (I purchased mine through and Matt graciously offers the full edition free online for those who cannot afford a copy (It’s so great to find guys like this that care more about the message than they do the money). Check out this great book!

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Tithing: God’s Plan or Man’s Demand


by Tony Badillo – Yet another exciting book on the subject of tithing, unique to others in that it focuses more on the spiritual fulfilment of the Old Covenant legalism. While the book does not necessarily involve a technical examination of the Old Testament tithe, there are some noteworthy observations in this work that many will find encouraging and helpful. A common hesitation that tithers seem to have with respect to the idea that tithing holds no application for the New Testament Church is that non-tithers have sometimes failed to explain clearly how tithing was fulfilled in Christ. Jesus said that He did not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it, and this is where Tony’s work excels as this seems to be the sole focus of his book. Highly recommended book if you’re interested more in the spiritual side of the argument rather than the technical examination. The book is only $11.80 + Shipping and is offered with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!

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Beyond Tithes And Offerings


by Michael L. Webb, Mitchell T. Webb – This is another good book that deals quite thoroughly with the subject of tithing and compares traditional practice with Scriptural evidence. This book contains a wealth of information (especially detailing Old Covenant offerings and their typology) and is very easy to read. This book focuses intently upon New Covenant principles of giving and challenges pastors to take another honest look at the Word of God as it concerns this doctrine and it invites all Christians to re-examine their motives for giving, look again at the full context of Scripture, and move “beyond tithes and offerings” to live the grace of giving. This book encouraged, convicted and excited me to allow the Holy Spirit to work change and growth in my heart concerning how I approach giving. It was also one of the first books I read on the subject as I became aware that tithing is not a New Testament principle. I have also communicated with the authors and can attest that they are sincere men of God with a heart for God’s people and for pastors. Most impacting to me was the expressed heart of the authors to mature beyond the mere “bless me” attitude so prevalent in much of the Church today and to move towards action as it involves helping those less fortunate in our communities and to get our minds re-focused upon the vital task of winning souls for Jesus. They actually started an effort to pay bills for impoverished saints through a program they founded independently called Mission Impossible. Awesome! If you’re especially new to the study of tithing and are looking for a simpler, more elementary approach to understanding the basics of the doctrine and what the Bible clearly teaches about Christian practice concerning giving, this is a great starter book and highly recommended.




No More Tithing


by George W. Greene – This is another great book on the subject of tithing. Concise and easy to read in (virtually) one sitting. Most of the common pro-tithe arguments are addressed and examined in light of Scripture. This book does not discourage Christian giving in any way, but rather exhorts the reader to embrace the biblical concept of Spirit-led, love-motivated action in giving. Attention is called to one of the main New Covenant directives for giving found in 2 Corinthians 9:7, which says, “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” I corresponded with George briefly early on in my studies on the tithe. This is a very sincere brother in Christ who loves the Lord and demonstrates clearly that he is a trustworthy teacher in the body of Christ who holds fast to the teaching of Scripture. He also has a website containing a wealth of information on the subject and is even giving away copies of his book for free to those who write and express a need (proving yet again how so many of those who are rising up to oppose the unbiblical, modern-traditional view are more interested in the message of truth than they are in attempting to profit by it). You can view George’s site here:




The Tithing Dilemma


by (the late) Ernest L. Martin – This is a concise but excellent book on the subject of tithing. Ernest fully brings out a strong emphasis on the Lord’s directive for tithing according to its Scriptural definition and why no minister of the truth has any right to change God’s Word regarding His ordinances. The Tithing Dilemma is very blunt in its presentation but makes no apologies for the truth (and it is not unnecessarily harsh either). Find out why tithing to a local church (or for that matter receiving tithes of congregants) is not only unnecessary but a sin against proper biblical teaching! A strong proposal indeed! While some of those who love their tithing practices may have difficulty with this author’s presentation, I sincerely believe Earnest Martin’s examination is spot on and I would encourage students of the truth to be courageous and give this title a read. Highly recommended! RECENT NOTE: The entire book is now also available online for FREE by clicking here!

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Did The Apostle Paul Teach Tithing To The Church?


by Johnathan Kithcart – Another great, very concise book on the subject that approaches things from a straighforward examination of the letters of Paul to see whether or not tithing would have fit into his teaching pattern to the Church. Johnathan, a former volunteer worker with Morris Cerullo Ministries, has spent over 20 years studying the Word of God through careful examination of the Greek and Hebrew text. That having been said, this book does not read like a textbook. It is very simple, easy to follow, using common sense, Scriptural logic. Of special note is the author’s graceful attitude toward institutional pastors. This work is presented with grace and truth and may be a good “gentle” introductory title to give to pastor friends or those who tithe religiously with little or no comprehension of the biblical reasons why. Johnathan provides just enough meat here to get the reader chewing and wanting to study more. Great book!




The Great Case of Tyths


by Anthony Pearson – An extremely rare book (usually costing as much as $450) that was first published in 1657 and remained in print in through 1835, this influential piece is here in an 18th-century Irish edition—representing, with the prior London issue of the same year, its first reprinting since its initial burst of popularity. Pearson, a justice of the peace in Westmoreland who became a follower of George Fox, began his consideration of tithing prompted by the court actions directed against Quakers who chose not to pay tithes. The resulting treatise analyzes the legal, ethical, and religious arguments for and against forcible tithing, concluding that the practice is corrupt and in violation of Scriptural principles, as well as a distastefully Popish innovation! I recently had the opportunity to read this work and, though a bit of a difficult read (because of its age), it was very good. Check with your local library (that’s what I did) and they can probably order you a copy to borrow! I will keep watching for the potential of a re-print and post that information here. Also, check various online bookstores for information about used copies of this rare title.

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Subtle Deception


– by Lawrence Vanyi. Modern misguided evangelical empire-building at the institutional church level has systematically for the most part, attempted to replace Christianity with its own brand of organized religion. This subtle deception has taken more than 1,700 years to develop and permeate society and typical Christian thought, but develop well it has… So well, in fact, that even some of the greatest ministry personalities of our time have made the mistake of thinking that Christianity and organized religion are one and the same…but they are not. What’s wrong with organized religion you say? Did you suppose that’s what Christianity was all about? Did you suppose that its church building origins are biblical? And what’s the fuss anyway? Does it really matter if the Lord’s people are more “organizationally” or “institutionally” minded than they are “relationally” minded? This book by Larry examines some common misconceptions about modern-day churchianity and, specifically, the subject of tithing, money and the ministry. It is also available now as a FREE download! See Larry’s website for details:

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