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When I began my research on the subject of tithing, I made an honest attempt to contact a number of various authors who had written on the subject (from both sides of the issue). I also contacted theologians, scholars, rabbis, and various other teachers experienced in the comprehension of Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible. This section of the tithing resource page will provide contact information to real theologians that you can contact yourself with questions! These are scholars that I have come to trust after house of personal examination of various works and even conversations with these individuals. I would like to thank the following individuals for allowing me to post their contact information and for making themselves available for this discussion. I have only just begun posting information on this exclusive page so this list will grow in the weeks and months ahead. God bless you as you study.


Russell Earl Kelly, Ph. D.

6610 Skyview Dr SE

Acworth, Ga 30101-6512

Phone: 770-974-4756