Get Adobe Flash player – This is a great new site by George Green (author of the website as well). Here you can view teaching videos on tithing. Excellent resource! Also recommended is George’s book on tithing (see list further down this page for more information).


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The following video is a presentation by Living Hope Ministries:

Called To Be Free – This video is not expressly about the subject of tithing but does involve the very real subject of freedom from religious legalism and the Law. This is an excellent documentary about the former religious cult known as The Worldwide Church of God (WCG). For those of you not aware, the WCG was a total cult organization much like Mormonism or the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but whose leaders eventually came to a revelation of the truth of the Gospel, discarded the teachings of the church’s founder, Herbert W. Armstrong, and plunged heart first into a full and sincere quest for real relationship with Jesus Christ. One of the chief doctrines of this organization was the requirement to tithe. This legalism was discarded when the leaders repented of their former errors and put full faith in Jesus Christ and decided to believe the Scripture as it is written – no matter the cost. Their decision to embrace the truth did cost them plenty; 60% of the membership left the organization, ruining the former financial empire, but leaving sincere disciples who were (and are today) more passionate for relationship with Jesus Christ than for religious program. This is an incredible and inspiring story! As an added note (though this detail is not mentioned in the film), the WCG has recently endorsed Russell Earl Kelly’s book, “Should The Church Teach Tithing”, as recommended reading!!! If even the leaders who governed one of the most legalistic religious cults known to the world can humble themselves, admit their former ignorance, repent of prior acceptance of false doctrines (like monetary tithing), and bow their knee to the Lordship of Christ, maybe there is hope for the people in many churches across the world who, though perhaps their denominations are not formally considered “cults”, still hold on to many of the same kinds of legalistic, non-biblical practices and false teachings that distract from an intimate, vibrant relationship with Christ. Please watch this video and be encouraged! It is completely free and you can also purchase the DVD at the ministry website.



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Lessons In Christianity (Comedy) – Tithing – In this comedic sketch created by Family Room Media, Tim recently has struggled with keeping up on his tithing record at Valley Fellowship Community Church. Pastor Bruce and Elder Rick provide an invaluable lesson to Tim on the purposes and benefits of tithing….. Ok… well, their lesson kind of backfires on them. This video struck me as funny because it is so typical of the logic and guilt trips too many pastors lay on members of their church. Family Room Media has also produced some great videos and book publications on related subjects.


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